Dr. Moghal Usman Shahid

Dr. Moghal offers specialized care to patients suffering a wide array of neurological disorder, including Stroke/CVA/TIA, Pre-syncope/Lightheadedness/Dizziness/Syncope, Epilepsy, Headache, Movement Disorder, Neuropathy

Dr. Waqar Cheema

Dr. Waqar Cheema has Specialized in areas of chronic pain and complex pain pattern. He treats each specific case without compromising effectiveness of care, while maintaining the potential to implement some of the most advanced and powerful therapies available.

Dr. Sabah Cheema

Dr. Sabha Cheema’s patient-centric approach helps patients stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and guides all clinical decisions.

Dr. Akram Mian Muhammad Ali

Dr. Akram’s highly specialized in area of internal medicine, Advance cardiovascular imaging and nuclear cardiology, Chest Pain/ Pressure, Pre-syncope/Dizziness, Atrial Fibrillation/ Atrial Flutter, Abnormal EKG/ Heart Block, Syncope, Dyspnea/Shortness of Breath

Dr. Rana Robina Iftikhar

Having many years of specialized experiences, Dr. Rana’s practice focus is Diabetes Management, Secondary Hypertension, Thyroid Disorder, Central Endocrine Disorders, Adrenal Disorder, Cushing Syndrome